Flickr Favorites Vol 1

Check out these amazing flickr favs! I put together a mosaic of my flickr favorites to share with you. All of these are special treasures worth sharing with the world! Please enjoy! This is volume one of many more to come.

1. dandelion, 2. Tattooed snails 5/33 and 6/33, 3. greeeeeeen, 4. Lumps- NEW PLUSH PROJECT, 5. Forest Spirit, 6. Sarah's Design, 7. Sarah's Design, 8. guava, 9. Everlasting, 10. scabby pods, 11. Untitled, 12. Simply Pink Glass Pearl Necklace, 13. Satsumi, 14. summer dream, 15. Mono no aware, 16. Ukrainian Style Pysanka Egg, 17. Red Rose Pysanky, 18. lily of the valley, 19. Ranunculus, 20. milk posy, 21. Colorful cactuses, 22. My cat-in-law, 23. Baby Eating Alligator Necklace, 24. g.bless, 25. april

Made with Mosaic Maker

These beautiful vintage style necklaces feature a feminine faceted bead pendant. The glass bead is lovely and sparkles in the light. A beautiful chain of pearls lead up to a silver plated chain which is connected by a high quality sterling silver clasp. Whenever I wear mine I feel like belong in a French palace during the Rococo Period! You can find them in my Etsy Shop: Crystal Pendant Necklace.

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There are three elegant color options:
Honey Yellow Crystal Necklace
Purple Plum Crystal Necklace
Powder Pink Crystal Necklace

The other day I went to a Chinese buffet near my house. It's one of my favorite restaurants. I loaded up my plates with lots of yummy food including some mussels (a type of shell fish). I took a bite of the mussel and I saw this strange little thing sitting on the shell. For I second I thought it was a spider!! But after I looked at it closer, it turned out to be a baby crab... OMG. Luckily I had my camera with me and I was able to get a good shot of it.

Have you ever found something unexpected in your food?!

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Floral Fawn Jewelry Shop

Each of these gorgeous rings features a vintage cameo cabochon set in a silver plated lace setting. The ring is silver plated and adjustable to suit any size. I'm a ring size 7 and it fits me perfectly without having to adjust it at all. Find them at my Etsy: Vintage Rings

Which one is your favorite?
Yellow rose ring, multicolor opal ring, or flower bouquet ring?

I really love briolettes! The more they sparkle and shine, the better. I've added a couple of briolette earrings to my Etsy Shop: Briolette Earrings!

I just LOVE Russian nesting dolls! Fast Fact: Also known as Babushka dolls, they apparently symbolize fertility. This adorable necklace features a Japanese style Matryoshka doll. The cute kitschy pendant hangs from a silver bow attached to a silver plated chain. The chain is connected with a sterling silver clasp.
Found at my Etsy shop: Matryoshka Doll Necklace

Rose Cameo Earrings

I have added some Rose Cameo Earrings to my Etsy shop! They're so pretty and they almost seem to shimmer in the sunlight. These two beautiful cameos hang from a silver mesh bow. They each have STERLING SILVER french earring hooks with hypoallergenic clear rubber earring backs. I really ADORE cameos, especially floral ones! Find them here: Cameo Earrings

I spent a wonderful day at my grandparent's ranch. All the flowers are in full bloom and the birds are signing and having babies! I had so much fun running around on a photography spree. There were such a variety of flowers blooming. The most classic of all springtime flowers is the daisy! So simple and enduring, every time I see daisies they always cheer me up. See more at my flickr: Flower Photography

I personally love pink and gold combined and these pair of earrings really exemplify my passion for this combination. At first I made them in silver, but gold looks so much better to me. Someone told me the tulip beads look like a pomegranate and I have to agree! They do look quite delicious. They are made with gold plated earring studs. A classy way to add the finishing touches your outfit, sure to turn heads.
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